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Almond Cranberry- Centre & Main Chocolate

About the chocolate:

Milk Chocolate + Fruit + Nut = Classic

We make this classic combination even better by using ethically-sourced chocolate as our base, and generously sprinkling with freshly toasted almond slivers and tangy dried cranberries.

A time-honoured medley of flavours and textures in every bite.

About Centre & Main Chocolate:

An artisan chocolate company based in Warkworth, Ontario, Centre & Main is firmly rooted in the community and handcrafts their creations in small batches. Blending the finest couverture chocolate with locally grown and produced ingredients, Centre & Main is the winner of many International Chocolatier Awards. A focus on local ingredients has led to multiple collaborations with farmers and producers, while paving the way for some incredibly diverse chocolate creations.

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