Hoya Krohniana

Hoya Krohniana is your queen of hearts among Hoyas! This rarely found wax plant has small, but super cute, heart-shaped leaves. Native to the Philippines, this Hoya can produce upright umbels of creamy white, fuzzy flowers with a sweet fragrance that gets stronger at night. It is a perfect plant for a hanging basket in front of a sunny window!

Hoya Krohniana can bloom several times a year if grown in the right conditions. Place your plant in a spot where it gets a lot of light, don't repot it because the stress of being root-bound encourages Hoya to bloom and fertilize it regularly. Pruning its stems in late winter will allow it to bush out and make it more likely for it to produce flowers as well.

Hoyas prefer not to have wet feet, so must be kept in a well draining potting mix. Give them a warm, bright and medium-humidity environment and your Hoya will give your years of love in return!

6” pot

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