Julie Young, the creative force behind Wilder & Rain Flowers, is a passionate florist specializing in exquisite floral arrangements for weddings and events. With a deep-rooted love for nature and a whimsical design approach, Julie established her boutique floral design studio in 2021.

What sets Julie apart is her commitment to cultivating her own seasonal flowers. As both a floral designer and a flower farmer, she brings a unique touch to her creations by incorporating handpicked blossoms that embody the essence of each season. This dedication ensures that every arrangement she crafts is infused with the vibrant beauty of freshly grown blooms.

For Julie, flowers transcend their aesthetic appeal and become an artistic medium through which she tells stories and creates meaningful moments. Her artful arrangements are meticulously curated, reflecting the individual tastes and personalities of her clients. Julie approaches each project with thoughtfulness and intentionality, sourcing exceptional materials to breathe life into her clients' visions.

Wilder & Rain Flowers isn't just a business venture for Julie—it's a heartfelt pursuit of her life's purpose. The company's culture resonates with her warm, authentic nature and her unwavering passion for flowers. Julie's ultimate goal is to share her love of flowers with the world, spreading joy and beauty through her remarkable designs.

When you choose Wilder & Rain Flowers, you not only gain access to Julie's exceptional talent but also become part of a remarkable journey—a celebration of nature, artistry, and the true essence of your special event or wedding day.