Hoya Carnosa Assorted

 Hoya Carnosa Assorted - 

These plants generally look lovely in hanging baskets or high on shelves. They will trail and vine with their stems that can grow up to 10 feet long. They generally like bright light, but are more tolerant of a wider range of lighting conditions. It will grow in low, medium, and high light environments. But like most plants, it won’t thrive in low light, and it definitely won’t flower. You should water your plant when the top few inches of the soil dries out. Its succulent-like tendency to store water in its leaves and stems help keep it happy when you might forget to water. When thinking about watering needs to keep your care on track, just remember that less is more. Overwatering is a sure way to kill the plant. This means that a well-draining soil is the best option.

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