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Wandering Jew Nanouk

The Nanouk has a very compact and upright growth habit and spreads freely. It is considered a fast grower. The plant typically reaches a height and width of just under three-and-a-half inches. Flowers may be either pink or white and appear continuously throughout the plants’ growing season, which is spring through early autumn. When kept indoors, Tradescantia Nanouk may also bloom through the winter months. It does well in bright indirect sunlight or in full sun. Indirect bright light leads to greater flower production. Too little light will cause the foliage to fade. As with most houseplants, overwatering is far more problematic than under watering. Allow the soil to become almost dry and then water thoroughly. Generally speaking, your Nanouk will do well with a weekly watering. Never allow the plant to stand in water. This plant does not really need fertilizer. Over-feeding can lead to brown leaf tips. If you do want to fertilize your plant, give it a half strength solution of a good quality liquid houseplant fertilizer. 

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