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Orange - Calamondin

The calamondin orange tree, otherwise called citrus calamondin, is a small evergreen tree, with glossy mid-green leaves. White, fragrant star-shaped flowers are followed by very attractive small yellow/orange fruit, which are used like lemons or limes in drinks and food, or eaten raw for a pop of sweet-sour flavour, the taste somewhere between a lemon and a satsuma.

The scientific name of calamondin orange is x Citrofortunella macrocarpa, and it’s thought to be a natural hybrid between a mandarin and a kumquat.

How to grow calamondin orange

Grow calamondin orange in a terracotta pot in a sheltered spot in full sun, bringing it indoors in winter to a cool bright place until all risk of frost has passed. Prune in spring and feed weekly during the growing season, which continues through the winter.

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